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Day classes are currently $175 for 5 hours of one on one instruction per day, plus a $25 per day shop fee, total $200 per day.  For two students it is $300 per day. I teach beginning through advanced and mastersmith levels. I specialize in bladesmithing and knifemaking, but also teach coppersmithing, silversmithing and blacksmithing. I recommend at least 2-3 days for beginners, but can tailor my classes to suit my student’s needs up to 3 consecutive days maximum and 1 day minimum. I can normally schedule students at their convenience with some advance notice. I require a 1/3 deposit for scheduled classes paid in advance. My shop is open air, so it does get hot during the summer. I recommend scheduling classes around the summer months.

“Knife in a Day” classes available.

Students under the age of 21 may need the signature of a parent or legal guardian. If there are any pertinent handicaps that may affect a student’s ability to participate hands on, advance notice is required.

Intermediate, Journeyman and Mastersmith certification programs available.


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