General Policies

The delivery time may vary depending on the knives ordered and according to time the order is placed. However, it usually runs between 3-6 months. Once I know what knives you want, I can give you a more definite time frame.

I require a minimum 10% deposit to bind all orders, with the balance due upon completion of the knives.

The delivery schedule begins at the time the deposit is received.

Quotes are valid for 30 days maximum.

I only accept payments from foreign customers online through the PayPal website or by Western Union money transfers. PayPal is preferred.

Foreign customers are responsible to know any customs regulations and restrictions that may apply, and for any complications and/or expenses that may arise as a result of the governing laws pertaining to their orders.

Domestic customers may make payments through the PayPal website to my email address or mail checks to my physical address.

All payments must clear my bank account before any items are shipped.

All Tai Goo knives are guaranteed against defects in workmanship to the original owners, and to perform exceptionally well for the uses, purposes and concepts for which they were intended, but not for abuse.